While you look forward to going on vacation, you might feel anxious about leaving your dog or cat in a boarding facility. This is especially true when your pet has never been in a group care situation. You can feel confident in your choice when you take the time to research and visit at least a few facilities.
Boarding Kennels Can Be a Great Choice for Substitute Care
Finding a hotel that accepts pets can be difficult. Even if you do, many pets don’t enjoy travel and let you know it through problem behavior. Leaving your dog or cat in professional care is often the best solution. Boarding kennel staff provide round-the-clock supervision and are trained to administer medication and first aid. Your pet gets plenty of time out of her kennel to socialize and exercise. Facilities that accept both dogs and cats should have separate quarters for them. 
What to Look for Before Leaving Your Pet 
If possible, avoid leaving your dog or cat in a boarding facility without touring it first and interviewing the staff. Be sure to observe and ask about the following when you do visit: 
  • Whether they have a regular cleaning schedule 
  • Feeding schedule your pet would follow 
  • The size of your pet’s kennel and how many other animals would be nearby 
  • Staff qualifications 
  • Whether you can bring toys or treats from home to make your pet more comfortable 
  • Whether you need to pay extra for services such as grooming 
  • How often your pet will exercise 
  • Whether the staff seems to enjoy interacting with the animals or tends to ignore them

Be sure to take notes so you can compare facilities later.
Preparing Your Pet to Stay at a Boarding Facility
Boarding kennels require owners to show proof of current vaccinations when booking a stay. Please contact Battletown Animal Clinic several days before you leave if your pet is behind on shots. If you plan to be gone more than a week, consider leaving your pet for an overnight stay to help prepare him for the longer duration. 
Pets can often sense something is happening when they see you packing your luggage. Leaving it out for a few days before your trip gives your dog or cat the chance to get more comfortable with the upcoming change in their routine. Leaving your pet with a t-shirt or something else containing your scent can help him feel more comfortable in your absence. Favorite toys can help to ease anxiety as well. Enjoy your vacation! 
Photo credit: Absolutimages / Getty Images