Our dogs provide us with joy, fun, and endless smiles. It’s no wonder that many dog owners repay that love by spoiling their pup, frequently with cookies or table scraps. While treats are great in moderation, the added calories can take a toll on your dog’s health. If you are looking for healthy ways to spoil your dog, here are our 5 favorite ways to treat your furry friend without reaching into the cookie jar.

1. Invest in Toys and Playtime

Toys and play provide your pup with long-lasting tail wags and long-term health benefits. Tugging, leaping, running, and mental stimulation are all excellent for a dog’s wellbeing. When your dog engages in play, they are building muscle tone, elevating their heart rate, and strengthening their joints. Play also reduces stress, depression, and allows your dog to exercise their brain, reducing the effects of aging.

Have an uninvited beggar at your dinner table? For simultaneous physical and mental stimulation, buy or DIY an interactive toy that hides a prize.  Giving your pup one of these toys before you sit down might just keep them occupied long enough to have a humans-only meal. The Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom is an excellent interactive toy. Fill it with kibble and make your dog work for their food by pawing, chewing, and bouncing.

Go on a special adventure and add extra walks. We could all use an excuse to enjoy a bit of fresh air and time away from the house. Taking your dog on an extra walk or two every day is a great way to show them how much you care. Amp up the fun and excitement for your pooch by planning a special evening or morning hike.

Going on walks isn’t just physically healthy for your dog. Exercising their senses of smell, sight, and hearing increases their joy. Exploring new smells is like a treat without the calories.

We know it’s hot out. Don’t risk walking or hiking in high temperatures. Instead, plan a trip to the pet store. You’ll both appreciate the AC, and your dog can sniff out the perfect toy to take home.

2. Throw a Puppy Splash Party

It can be difficult to entertain your dog when it’s just too hot to walk or play outdoors. Setting up a personal water park in your yard is a great way to keep active and cool. Fill a baby pool or a water basin with your hose and add a few toys to keep your pup playing. Your dog will love the novelty of having their own splash pad, and you’ll enjoy that they’re getting exercise without the risk of heatstroke.

3. Pamper Your Best Friend with a Spa Day

You probably feel refreshed after a summer haircut and the same is true for many dogs. Pamper your pup by bringing them in to be groomed. Our full-service salon will cut nails, clean ears, brush teeth, bathe, trim, and style their coat. Your dog will know they look good when they leave feeling fresh and clean.

4. Spend Extra Quality Time with Your Pup

There’s nothing better for most dogs than being with their family. Providing them with special quality time will make them feel as special as you think they are.

Take the time to sit and pet your dog--and don’t forget to scratch their favorite parts. Put down a blanket and lie on the floor with them. Curl up and snuggle a bit. Your dog will feel like one special pooch when you physically dote on them.

Treat Your Dog to a Lifetime of Health and Joy

Spoiling your dog doesn’t have to be harmful to their health. Showing you care can be as easy as spending a few more minutes petting your pup or taking them on an extra walk.

If you have questions about healthy treats or creating a balanced lifestyle for your furry best friend, make an appointment to see us. We are happy to join in the joy of making your dog feel the best they can!

Photo Credit: Pexels