Since pets age much faster than people do, pet owners often don’t understand their dog or cat’s real age or the importance of preventive care exams. Unfortunately, companion animals aren’t immune from the health conditions that affect people. That means your pet could develop diabetes at age six, cancer at 10, and arthritis at 12. Younger pets can have one-time or chronic health issues as well. When you keep up with preventive care exams at Battletown Animal Hospital, you can feel confident of catching unknown health problems as early as possible. 
Vaccines and Parasite Prevention
Both cats and dogs need a series of required vaccines and optional vaccines that you may wish to get depending on the age, breed, species, and lifestyle of your pet. Feline core vaccines include calicivirus, feline herpes, panleukopenia, rabies, and rhinotracheitis. For dogs, required vaccines include rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and adenovirus. Our veterinarians will let you know our preferred vaccine schedule for these exams when you come in for an annual or bi-annual check-up. We do recommend that puppies and kittens under one year and senior pets over age seven visits us twice a year. 
Protection from heartworm, fleas, ticks, and other common parasites are vitally important to your pet’s health. We check your pet for parasites at every visit and make product recommendations as needed. You can save time and money by ordering these products from our online store
What We Check at Your Pet’s Preventive Care Exam
A veterinary technician will start the appointment by recording your pet’s current body temperature, weight, and vaccine status. You’re also welcome to discuss your concerns regarding your pet’s diet, behavior, or specific health issues. The technician will brief your pet’s veterinarian on your concerns so he or she can address them with you. Our veterinarian will also check the following:
  • Teeth and mouth for any indication of oral tumors or dental decay
  • Abnormal masses anywhere on the body
  • Rashes or other types of skin infection
  • Unusual discharge of the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Response to light and sound
  • Lungs and heart for murmurs and possible heartworm infestation
  • Anal area for sac formation
  • Reproductive organs
We will inform you of any concerns we have after completing your pet’s examination and schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary. 
Make Preventive Care a Regular Part of Your Pet’s Routine
Battletown Animal Hospital is always here to attend to pets who are sick or injured. We also enjoy seeing pets when they’re well and helping them to stay that way. Please schedule an appointment with us if we haven’t seen your adult pet in more than a year or your pediatric or senior pet in more than six months. 
Photo Credit: gurinaleksandr / Getty Images