At Battletown Animal Hospital, we understand that buying medication for your pet can get costly and you naturally want to save money anywhere you can. It can also be a hassle to keep getting prescriptions filled. Fortunately, you can work around both of these problems when you register for an account with MyVetStoreOnline. We offer medications for nearly every veterinary condition as well as parasite prevention, supplements, grooming products, and more. We feel that ordering from your trusted local veterinarian is a far safer alternative than shopping with an unknown online pet store.

Commons Problems with Online Veterinary Supply Stores

Problems with disreputable online veterinary supply stores are common. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning for pet owners to exercise caution when using them back in 2015. One flagrant violation involves filling a prescription for a pet without having examined her in person. Although the law requires this, some online vendors mislead their customers into thinking that a written health history form is acceptable in place of the examination. Other pet owners have complained about receiving expired medication, the wrong drug or potency of drug, and even medications for a different species of animal.

If your dog needs heartworm medication, it’s essential that he receives ongoing monitoring from a licensed veterinarian until the parasite is no longer in his system. Some online pharmacies dispense heartworm medication not knowing if the dog will receive any follow-up care. A veterinarian also needs to obtain a blood sample from a dog with heartworm, which is not possible without a personal visit. Finally, some or all employees of online veterinary pharmacies may not even have the proper training to dispense medication at all.

Visit Us First and Then Register for MyVetStoreOnline

If you suspect that your pet has a condition that will require medication, please schedule an appointment with Battletown Animal Hospital for a prompt evaluation. Our veterinarian will write a valid prescription that you can receive from our clinic right away. If your pet needs ongoing medication or supplements, it’s extremely convenient to establish monthly shipping with our online store. You can even request single dose shipments with our Easy Dose It program.

We guarantee that any medication you order from our online store has already received FDA approval. When you order from an unfamiliar online store, you just don’t have that reassurance. Additionally, we choose to partner with only reputable manufacturers who stand behind the quality of their products.

If we haven’t seen your dog or cat in the last year, please schedule a preventive care appointment by calling 540-955-2171. We will review the status of any current medications and let you know if your pet will require any new ones.

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