According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA), the bond between people and animals has existed for thousands of years. It developed even more once people began taking animals into their homes as family pets. It’s a dynamic and mutually beneficial relationship influenced by the behavior of each party. Some of the factors the affect the strength of this bond include physical, emotional, and psychological interactions as well as interaction with the outer environment.

Veterinarians and technicians, including those at Battletown Animal Hospital, recognize the importance of this bond and do everything possible to nurture it. This includes offering annual or bi-annual preventive care exams, counseling pet owners about vaccinations and parasite control, and providing top-notch care when a pet is sick or injured. Strong bonds between people and their pets benefits the larger society, and we’re proud to play a role in fostering it.

The Many Physical and Emotional Health Benefits of Sharing Your Life with a Pet

People simply feel better when they’re around pets. They seem to have a calming effect that immediately reduces any stress you might be feeling. After all, what is better that stroking a dog or cat’s soft fur and having them bark or purr their appreciation? The simple act of petting an animal lowers blood pressure while releasing a relaxation hormone at the same time. Lower blood pressure also means a lower risk of heart disease. The fact that people with dogs walk them often also helps to account for the reduction in blood pressure.

Walking your dog out in the community helps connect you to other people. The dog breaks the ice between strangers and helps them to engage in conversation that might not have happened otherwise. Your neighbors may even start looking for you to walk your dog each day just so they can stop to pet her and talk with you. Dogs are truly social magnets.

Having a dog, cat, or other pet in your life makes it less likely that you will succumb to loneliness and depression. One reason for this is that pets give people a sense of purpose and belonging. They bond with the animal while caring for it and make human friendships through their pets as well. Interestingly, people with pets go to the doctor less often for help with minor health issues.

Living as part of a loving, caring family is beneficial for the pet as well. They obviously lead healthier and longer lives when someone is there to care for their needs and to interact with them. It’s a win-win for humans and animals alike.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Pet Well

We encourage you to bring your adult pet to Battletown Animal Hospital once a year for a preventive care exam. Puppies, kittens, and senior pets typically require more frequent check-ups. We’re also here for you any time you have a concern about your pet. Just call 540-955-1151 to schedule an appointment or ask a question.

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